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Compiled, Organized, and Annotated by Roger Hall • Additional transcription by Mitzie Collins & Jennifer DeLapp • Book designed and edited by Thomas M. Bohrer • A Companion Book to Sampler Recording 9528

74 pages • 8 1/2 x 11 inches • plastic-bound, opens flat.

book alone $16 • book & tape $22.50 • book & cd $28

The 74-page book includes historical information, an introductory essay on the Shakers' observance of Christmas, some important suggestions on how to perform these songs and the music and text of each selection.



Introduction — by Roger Hall

Shaker descriptions of Christmas and the New Year

The Music

  1. Hail, hail the beautiful morn
  2. O see the lovely angels
  3. Hear ye, hear he
  4. Sweetest music softly stealing
  5. Come let us hail this blissful day
  6. This is a pleasant Christmas Day
  7. Brethren and sisters let us sing
  8. Tis the gift to be simple
  9. In love and sweet union
  10. When Christ was of a Virgin born
  11. While once in Judah's lovely land
  12. Blessed season of devotion
  13. Glory unto God we'll sing
  14. I hear the sweet sound of an angel's song
  15. We have found the promised Saviour
  16. I hear a voice
  17. Hail the memorable morn
  18. The Prince of Peace is come
  19. Since we are called to liberty
  20. Low, low! In this pretty path I will go
  21. O the blessed revelation
  1. This is Jesus' birthday
  2. Awake for the angels are gath'ring near
  3. Brightly beameth the star of hope
  4. To all the good children, a happy new year
  5. I love to play and skip around
  6. The Birthday of Jesus
  7. O hearken listen to the sound
  8. Give me the treasure that cannot be sold
  9. O brighter than the morning star
  10. [Wordless song — no text]
  11. Our blessed Saviour's humble birth
  12. [Wordless song — no text]
  13. Listen! while we join with angels
  14. Low within the vale
  15. Give good gifts one to another
  16. With precious gifts
  17. Fear not, for behold

Notes on the Music

Performance notes — by Colleen Liggett and Mitzie Collins

Checklist of printed Shaker hymnals — by Roger Hall

Aaron Copland's "Simple Gifts" — by Roger Hall